Didi Bahini is an ethical social enterprise with fair trade standards.  We are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation (FTF), the North American wing of the International Fair Trade Association (IFAT) that certifies handicraft organizations world wide as fair trade.

Our commitment to fair trade means:

Suppliers have all undergone a detailed review by Didi Bahini to evaluate their fair trade practices.

Employees enjoy a safe and healthy work environment.

Fair wages and benefits are paid within the Nepalese context.

Suppliers all support environmentally sustainable and friendly practices.

No child labour is used.

Locally available materials are used when possible.

Traditional craft making is supported while modernizing for the international market.

Regular monitoring of suppliers ensures fair trade practices are maintained and strengthened.

Fair trade practices are encouraged  and strengthened amongst employers and buyers in Nepal as well as in North America.

We educate our consumers about fair trade.

Interested to learn more about fair trade? Here are some useful links.

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