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Our beautiful and affordable fair trade jewelry consists of both modern and traditional designs. Our range consists of Silver jewelry as well as Silver set with semi-precious stones. We have also recently introduced a stunning new Tibetan line.

Whether you are looking for something which is simple, understated and elegant, or prefer pieces which are bolder and more elaborate, we have something to suit all tastes.

All our fair trade jewelry is handcrafted in Nepal. The Nepalese are world renown for their art of Silversmithing.

Silver jewelry making  is traditionally a male activity in Nepal amongst men of lower castes. This art form is normally passed down through the generations, from father to son. At Didi Bahini we ensure all our jewelry is fair trade by evaluating how groups are managed and how they support their workers in a positive, safe and ethical work environment.

If you are looking for pieces which are  not only beautiful but also different and unique, Didi Bahini has some stunning offering for you. Being as all our pieced are handcrafted this means that no two pieces are identical.

We only use the highest quality Silver. All our pieces are stamped with a guarantee that artisans have used a minimum of 92.5% Silver. An additional 3% copper has been added for extra strength. All our pieces are nickel free.

We always welcome new design idea and feedback. This is  one of the major ways we can support our artisans, by letting them know the type of pieces and designs our customers would like to see. If you would like to contact us please feel free to do so via our contact us page

Ethical Gifts

Our range of fair trade jewelry is perfect if you are looking for ethical gifts for friends and family. After all who doesn't love a stunning piece of jewelry? Give something that is truly unique with the knowledge that you are giving something back to the talented artisans in Nepal.

Didi Bahini is a Canadian wholesaler of fair trade products and ethical gifts - Conscious Gift Giving